Custom-made sharable digital business cards



Shareable Cards are a modern alternative to traditional paper business cards. It is an electronic format of a business card that can be easily shared with others through email, text, social media, NFC technology, or QR codes. 

Secure information sharing is simplified and lead generation is amplified with customized digital cards.

The Problem


Eighty-eight (88%) percent of distributed paper business cards are lost or discarded in the first week.

The Solution


Stunning digital business cards to share with the convenience of a text message, QR code, or Tap & Go card.

Simplify the process.
A relationship management system

When your digital information changes the platform informs everyone without texting, calling, or emailing them. 

Take complete control.
A secure contact-sharing solution

Anywhere you can post a web URL you can post and share your Shareable contact link.

No additional apps are needed.
Optimize your digital touchpoints

You can update your Shareable on-demand, and optimize your relationships while staying in full control.

Branded Shareable digital business cards designed to meet your needs.
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Tap & Go (NFC) cards are comparable to QR codes, only faster and easier.
In addition to your digital card link (DBcard), we also provide you with the industry’s most powerful, fastest, and most secure (NFC) Tap & Go cards.
Simply tap a contact’s NFC-enabled smartphone with a Tap & Go Card and witness the magic.
Just imagine the time you will save with a Tap & Go Card.

Best of all the information you want to share: promotions, coupons, and of course contact information can all be easily updated when linked to your digital business card.

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Digital information sharing is made simple.
Smart Tap and Go Signage & Stickers (Signagle and small sticker that you attach to any object). They’re great for retail locations and public spaces.
Artificial Intelligence & NFC Technology All In One Place

Tap on a phone and your contact details appear instantly. No application is required. Save directly to phone contacts and sharing can be done without saving numbers through online user portals, text messages, emails, etc.

Your data is only visible to those you choose to share it with.

Of course, your Tap & Go cards can be designed and customized to your vision and your branding. 

How can I enable NFC on any phone?

To encode Tap & Go (NFC) Cards with an Android device, we recommend using one of these free apps:

If you use an iPhone XS or later, you don’t need any specific app to read NFC Tags (such as with an Android device). Instead, if you use an iPhone 7, 8, or X, you need to install and open an application to read NFC Tags. We recommend  NiFC by NXP it’s free and compatible with iOS 11+.

Imagine, your organization having its own branded digital business card (SAAS) Platform.

Envision the possibilities of effortlessly expanding your brand’s presence without the hassle of printing and distributing physical business cards.

We’ll Create Branded Digital Business Cards For Every Member Of Your Organization.

Regardless of the industry, or size of your team, Shareable Cards are an absolute necessity.

We will add your AI Assistant to your website and enter the desired response you want from your Assistant to close more leads & sales for you on automation.

We install and customize your Shareable digital business card platform, allowing you to include as much detailed information as you like.


Contact, product, and service information sharing are simplified and leads are generated without the annoying technical stuff.

A Customized Shareable digital business card platform is the right choice for growing organizations.

You need a multi-user Digital Business Card Builder system (SAAS) that creates business digital cards for every member of your team with the contact details and information they can share with their network of contacts.

Benefit 1: Staff members will only need to choose a preapproved card for their department’s customized templates.

Benefit 2: Set up will include contact details, products/service links, or anything else you want. Zero coding or design skills are needed.

Benefit 3: Now all the user has to do is – activate their Tap & Go (NFC) device, paste the digital business card URL and your staff members are ready to go.

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that Shareable provides.

We can elevate your website visitor’s experience with the power of i2ei.

We’ll revolutionize your website’s visitor engagements by converting its content into a dynamic bot.

Leverage a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology to transform your business.

Each of our A.I. staff members specializes in a specific field, including lead generation, accounting, legal advice, marketing, sales coaching, social media management, and more.


Free access for one year our customization services

You can chat or talk to them like SIRI or Alexa, in multiple different languages, and ask them to create things and documents as often as you want.

Discover how A.I. Staffing has revolutionized customer interactions, empowering businesses with transformative engagement and driving unparalleled growth.

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Like you, we believe in business cards that produce an ROI.

Say goodbye to concerns about running out of paper business cards or missing out on potential leads. Shareable Vcards, coupled with Tap & Go devices, simplify contact sharing of your digital information effortlessly and securely. 

User-Friendly Business Central Dashboard:

We provide you with a platform that provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage all your digital business cards, GPT assistants, and customers in one place.

No additional app or installation required.

Your branded platform uses cutting-edge features, including a drag-and-drop editor, built-in lead management, and intelligent analytics.

Starting at as little as $2/month per user, get digital business cards for your full organization.

Come take a look at our demo digital business card builder.


Password: 87654321

We can also connect your branded platform to the tools you love.

With a Custom Shareable Digital Business Card Platform, you’ll get access to the Admin Dashboard where you can unlock a world of integrations. We can integrate with hundreds of business tools that automate your processes, create efficiency across your sales pipeline, and help nurture leads. 


CRM Integration

Automatically sync new contacts to your main database, set up marketing automation, and connect to a Slack channel.


Zapier connects you to the apps you use every day. There are hundreds of integration options you can link to automate your client journeys and lead gen.


If you want to create a custom integration, you can use a webhook. Our tech team is on hand to assist. Only available for select business platform accounts.

Smart professionals are already adapting and benefiting from digital business cards:

Real Estate Agents: Real estate agents can use Prepaared vCard Builder to create contactless digital business cards to share property listings, contact information, and portfolio with potential clients. The app’s GPT AI assistant can help answer common queries and close leads even when the agent is not available.

Business Consultants: Business consultants can use Prepaared vCard Builder to provide personalized digital business cards with information about their consultancy services, case studies, and client testimonials. The AI assistant can offer initial consulting information.

Public Speakers: Public speakers can create dynamic digital business cards with information about their speaking engagements, topics, and audience testimonials. The GPT AI assistant can help book speaking opportunities and provide event details.

Event Planners: Event planners can utilize Prepaared vCard Builder to share their portfolio, past event photos, and testimonials with potential clients. They can also use the platform to book appointments, provide event details, and answer event-related inquiries.

Human connectivity is a key element for everyone in achieving satisfaction in person or online.

Your branded digital business card platform will empower all your team members.

Pain Point

  • Paper-based cards are not eco-friendly and need to be reprinted every time you want to make an edit.
  • Limited space in paper-based cards means you can just include a handful of information without cluttering your card.
  • Paper-based business cards get thrown away or lost. Collecting and saving contact info from paper cards is inefficient.
  • You can’t track engagement with paper-based business cards.
  • You need to manually enter your leads into your CRM and marketing automation tool that connects with you via your paper-based card.

Solution / Example

  • Digital business cards can be edited whenever you want, saving you reprinting costs.
  • Our digital business cards can have multiple links to online stores, social media platforms, videos, articles, etc.
  • Our digital business cards have 2-way contact sharing features that let users automatically add contact details to their Apple or Android devices with just a click.
  • Your digital business cards are trackable. You can analyze card usage and interactions and measure the ROI of your networking efforts.

Business Coaches: Business coaches can create interactive digital business cards that highlight their coaching programs, testimonials, and case studies. The GPT AI assistant can provide information about their coaching services and schedule appointments.

Personal Branding Experts: Professionals who specialize in personal branding can demonstrate their expertise and services through customized digital business cards. They can use this platform to impress clients with a futuristic and tech-savvy approach to branding.

Health & Wellness Experts: Health, Wellness & Spas organization can showcase their services, testimonials, facilities, and related programs through customized digital business cards to generate leads, book appointments, and share videos and information with clients.

Educators & Course Creators: Educators and course creators can benefit from this platform by creating digital business cards that offer course details, enrollment links, and a personalized AI assistant to answer course-related questions.

It’s not complicated

We know that sometimes you don’t want to add one more thing to your to-do list. So let’s start with an action plan for setting up and customizing your organization’s branded digital business card platform.

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Of course, you can start your journey with a free trial.

We provide software-as-a-solution (SAAS) platforms, because one size does not fit all.

Pick the platform that best serves your needs, and remember to try our demos.

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